Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sachin Tendulkar's classic Square-Cut Boundary and dismissal(SCG 2nd Test Day 1) REVIEW & HIGHLIGHTS

No wonder, India's paper tigers once again failed to put up a good show at Sydney.
Bowlers made use of the first two hours of the day to the maximum to destroy the
Indian batsmen. Sachin Tendulkar looked good but the problem he faces would be
at the psychological level. He is already tensed about the 100th ton.
Along with that he is not getting a good partner at ground.
He witnesses the companions failing every time he comes out with good form.
This pressure forces him to put his head down every time he walks down to the middle
amidst the standing ovation and applause. 
This video shows how crowd reacts to his entrance.

This classic Square Cut right from the middle of his abdomen proves that
he is not out of form.

 This video shows his dismissal. He lost concentration as his companions 
left the crease without any useful contribution.
All what Tendulkar needs is a partner like Dravid who can keep one end steady.
The burden of score-building would be reduced and he can concentrate on his stroke play.