Thursday, November 18, 2010

CURRENT AFFAIRS IN SPORTS AND GAMES OCTOBER 2010 including US open, Hockey, Grand prix, Wrestling, Records, Basketball, Tennis, Chess and Cricket

1. Who won the US open title for men this year after defeating Novak Djokovic?

2. Kim Clijsters of Belgium won the US women’s title to bag the record of the quickest victory in finals (59 minutes) since timings were first kept in 1980. Who was the runner up?

"That was a good shot!"

3. Which team defeated the reigning world and Olympic champion Netherlands to clinch their second women’s field hockey world cup?

4. Who won the Italian grand prix for Ferrari?

"Moment to cheer!!"

5. Who is the first Indian to win a World wrestling championship gold medal?

6. Which team secured the International basketball crown defeating Turkey?

"Oh Lord...."

7. Which English all rounder recently called it day from international cricket?

8. Who is the first Indian to get five consecutive world titles in boxing?

9. How many men have completed their career slam?

10. After a controversial voting session KIrsan Ilyumshinov was re-elected as the FIDE president. Which famous chess champion was defeated by him?

11. Who is the newly appointed chairman of the national cricket academy of India?

12. Which soccer club does the Ivory Coast footballer Didier Drogba play for?

13. Which controversial drug was re-classified by the world anti-doping agency from ‘non-specified’ stimulants batch to ‘specified substance’ paving way of survival for the accuse Indians sportspersons?

14. Which team won the Champions League Twenty-20 title?