Saturday, October 9, 2010


1. Deepika pallikkal has been ranked 34 by WISPA to become the highest ranked Indian on Womens’ professional circuit. Who occupies the highest slot?

2. Who is the newly elected president of Hockey India?
Ans: Vidya Stokes

3. Who is the newly elected Secretary General of Hockey India?
Ans: Narinder Batra

4. Who is the first Indian to reach top 50 in Table Tennis world ranking
Ans: Sharath Kamal(45)

5. Asher Noria is famous in which sport?
Ans: Shooting

6. Who is the first Indian to win a US professional Golf championship?
Ans: Arjun Atwal

7. Which famous cricket historian wrote the book ‘A book of cricket days’?
Ans:Bakhitiar Dadabhoy

8. Magnus Carlson a 19 year old chess geek defeated Viswanathan Anand to become the highest rated youngster. In which country was he born?
"The new king of chess"-TIME magazine
Ans: Norway

9. The last surviving player of 1930 world cup passed away recently. The former nicknamed ‘Canoncito’(Little Cannon) was a strong contender of the Argentine team. Give his actual name.
Ans: Francisco ‘Pancho’ Varallo

10. Who won the chaotic and thrilling Belgium grand prix? Ans:McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton

 Rajiv Gandhi award –Saina Nehwal

 Arjuna awards Highlights

Padmarajan Negi-Chess

Rajesh Chaudhary-Yatching

Dronacharya award Highlights

L.Ibomcha Singh-Boxing

11. Who won the world Badminton title?
Ans: Chen Jin

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