Friday, October 1, 2010


"He is a young talented footballer, the way
he occupies every inch of the football ground
makes us remind that the football magicians 
are there after Maradonna's era..."

1. Mesut Ozil, the discovery of this FIFA world cup from Germany joined the Spanish giant Real Madrid recently. Which team did he quit?

Ans: Werder Breman

"Louis - the new rise in golf"

2. Who won the British golf medal 2010?
Ans: Louis Oosthuizen

3. FIFA demanded explanations from North Korea for the inglorious issue of humiliating the World Cup squad and sentencing the coach to hard labour. Name the coach who became the victiom of severe mental harassment?
Ans: Kim Jong Hun

4. In which game would you use ‘club’ to hit the ball?
Ans: Golf

5. Pepe Reina plays for which club in the English premier league?
Ans: Liverpool

6. Which country hosted the youth Olympics in 2010?
Ans: Singapore

7. Yuko Sato won the first gold medal in youth Olympics belongs to which country?
Ans: Japan

8. What is the name of the mascot of the Commonwealth games 2010?
Ans: Shera

9. Who won the US open golf medal 2010?
Ans: Graeme McDowell

10. Ryan Giggs plays for which soccer club?
Ans: Manchester United

11. Former hockey Olympian and an outstanding goal keeper Leo Pinto passed away. In which Olympics did he adorn the Olympic tag?
Ans: 1948, London(gold)

12. Who won the Masters Golf medal 2010?
Ans: Mickelson

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