Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hails from where?


Unfortunate shot!

The winning season

The controversial shot!
1. The newspapers were up in arms against the decision by Uruguan referee Jorge Larrionda and his assistant to disallow the goal which had clearly crossed the line. Had that been a goal to which person’s account would it have been ticked?
Ans: Frank Lampard

Comments on that incident
“The referee and his assistant  
were the only two people         
in the ground who didn’t think 
the ball had crossed the line”   
                              –Daily Mail  

2. Which newspaper giant of Germany wrote “thank you fussball-gott(football god) in the wake of the controversial goal refusal that led to the debacle of England in WC 2010?
Ans: Bild

3. Who won the Hungarian Grand Prix this season?
Ans: Mark Webber(Australia)

4. Who is first Indian basketball referee to appear in a world badminton championship?
Ans: Atanu Banerjee

5. We often hear the term UDRS in the recent cricket. What does it stand for?
Ans: Umpire Decision Review System

6. Who is the first Indian to hit a ton on Test debut?
Ans: Lala Amarnath 118 vs. England

7. Paul the octopus resides in which Aquarium?
Ans: Sealife Aquarium, Oberhausen, Germany

8. Which team won the German Grand Prix at Hockenheim this year?
Ans: Fernando Alonso led Ferrari

9. What is the name of the two time world snooker champion who passed away recently due to throat cancer?
Ans: Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins

10. Which contender of Spain secured the third Tour De France yellow joursey?
Ans: Alberto Contador

=>white(best young rider) – Andy Schleck

=>green – A Pettachi

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